Temperature change, sunlight, and moisture are all enemies to pavement, causing it to become brittle and shrink or to expand and crack. Let APS skilled technicians put their proven system to work to seal cracks and keep your traffic rolling.

The Guaranteed Crack Sealing System

APS uses state-of-the-art machinery, expert workmanship, and a variety of the industry’s best joint sealants to seal cracks until they’re watertight. The process is quick, economical, and effective:

  • Cracks are routed to ensure a proper sealant bond.
  • Compressed air cleans the crack of dust and debris. A heat lance dries it for total adhesion.
  • Cracks are sealed with hot rubberized joint sealant.

Of course, state-of-the-art machinery is only as good as the people who operate it. All APS teams are trained to perform the job to the highest standards. You can be certain your project will be done right, on time, with minimal interruption. APS cracksealing systems will save you money by adding years to the life of your parking lot or roadway.

Why Crack Seal

  • Prevents water from weakening sub-base
  • Prevents freeze/thaw action
  • Keeps materials like sand, dirt and vegetation from causing further damage
  • Helps prevent alligatoring, potholes, and raveling
  • Minimizes crack growth
  • Treats the problem to prevent total resurfacing