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Green Bay’s Sealcoating Experts: Quality Sealcoating Services to Keep Your Asphalt New & Protected!

Don’t let your Green Bay asphalt become a victim of time! Over time, asphalt loses its luster and becomes susceptible to cracking, potholes, and fading. This detracts from your property’s curb appeal, creates safety hazards, and can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

American Pavement Solutions: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Sealcoating Solutions

At American Pavement Solutions, we offer superior sealcoating services to safeguard your asphalt investment and keep it looking its best. Our quality sealcoating solutions create a protective barrier against the elements, extending the lifespan of your pavement and protecting it from:

  • Water Damage: Sealcoating prevents water from seeping into the asphalt base, preventing cracks and extending its lifespan.
  • Sunlight Damage: Sealcoating helps restore the original black color of your asphalt and protects it from sun-induced fading, keeping it looking fresh for longer.
  • Oil, Gas & De-Icers: Sealcoating shields your asphalt from damaging substances like gasoline, grease, oil, and de-icers that can cause deterioration and shorten its lifespan.

The Benefits of American Pavement Solutions’ Quality Sealcoating Services:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Restore asphalt’s rich black color for a visually appealing property.
  • Extended Asphalt Lifespan: Protect your asphalt from damage, potentially doubling its lifespan and saving you money in the long run.
  • Increased Safety: A sealed surface offers better traction, reducing the risk of slipping and falling hazards for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Regular sealcoating prevents costly repairs down the road, saving you time and money.

Invest in Your Asphalt with American Pavement Solutions’ Quality Sealcoating Services!

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Sealcoating FAQ

What are the benefits of sealcoating my asphalt?

Sealcoating offers several benefits for your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road:

  • Protects from Water Damage: Sealcoating creates a watertight barrier that prevents water infiltration, a leading cause of cracks and asphalt deterioration.
  • Protects from Sun Damage: Sealcoating helps shield your asphalt from harmful UV rays that can cause fading and cracking.
  • Protects from Oil, Gas & De-Icers: Sealcoating creates a protective layer against damaging substances like gasoline, oil, and de-icers that can deteriorate asphalt.
  • Extends Asphalt Lifespan: By protecting your asphalt from these elements, sealcoating can potentially double its lifespan, saving you money on repairs in the long run.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Sealcoating restores the original black color of your asphalt, improving curb appeal.
  • Increased Safety: A sealed surface offers better traction, reducing the risk of slipping hazards.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Regular sealcoating helps prevent costly repairs down the road.

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How often should I sealcoat my asphalt?

The frequency of sealcoating depends on several factors, including weather conditions, traffic volume, and the quality of the initial sealcoat. However, a general recommendation is to sealcoat your asphalt every 3-5 years.

How can I tell if my asphalt needs sealcoating?

There are a few signs that indicate your asphalt may need sealcoating:

  • Faded or dull appearance: The once-black asphalt has lost its color and appears gray or bleached.
  • Presence of cracks: Small cracks are the initial signs of wear and tear. Sealcoating can help prevent them from growing larger.
  • Brittle feeling: The asphalt feels brittle and crumbles easily when scraped with a screwdriver.
Can I sealcoat my asphalt myself?

While DIY sealcoating is possible, it requires proper preparation, application techniques, and the right materials.  For optimal results and a longer-lasting sealcoat, it’s recommended to hire a professional paving contractor like American Pavement Solutions.

What is the best time of year to sealcoat my asphalt?

The ideal time for sealcoating is typically in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild and the weather is dry. Avoid sealcoating during very hot or cold weather, or when rain is imminent.

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