According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over 1 million Americans suffer a slip/trip and fall injury annually. A substantial amount of these injuries occurs in parking lots and adjacent walking surfaces which may result in an injury liability nightmare for the business. APS specializes in reducing liability by eliminating trip hazards and potholes in an expedited, affordable, and environmentally friendly manor.

APS offers an affordable yet effective avenue to repair trip hazards even in the coldest of conditions known as Infrared Repair. APS utilizes an infrared asphalt repair system to create a seamless, long-lasting patch, eliminating the mess and delivering a superior product for a lesser cost. The infrared system is much faster compared to traditional asphalt repair methods, open to foot traffic within 20 minutes or so.

Infrared asphalt repairs secure the safety of your customers, it is also clean, quiet, and ecological. Infrared repairs do not require jackhammers or machines eliminating dust, noise, and debris.  Infrared asphalt repairs are ecological, producing minimal waste compared to more traditional methods.  APS comes in completes the job and leaves without creating an unsightly mess leaving your customers satisfied and safe!

Parking lot and walk way regular maintenance is vital to ensure trip and fall accidents do not affect your business or customers.  Contact APS and lets work together to establish a parking lot maintenance program which will identify current hazards and potential new ones. Give one of our experienced technicians a call today!

Infrared After Photo at Store Front Trip Hazard

Infrared During Photo at Store Front Trip Hazard


Infrared asphalt repairs are swift and simple, allowing parking lots to be safe and accessible immediately after they have been patched.